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OnDemand Chat Support: Ask for help 24/7

To enter the help area you must: Send an email with subject “Slack Request” to, you can use the form below to send this request right now on this webpage…

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After you have sent the Request as mentioned above, you will receive your Support Area Access in a new email sent to the same email you used to make the “Slack Request” — This Access will be sent to you from…

…Use the graphic below for steps explaining how to use a chat channel, such as the #help channel for OnDemand support at #help channel

Using Slack for OnDemand Support allows us to:
1) Make request priority public so that you can see in the Slack when you are next to be assisted

2) Others in the Slack area to address you that you may know

3) Us to help multiple people at once and, involve you in bettering Online Systems by giving you a place to freely express your Online Course Taking experiences.

Controlling Slack Chat Notifications – Some people don’t like to get notifications so,
Use the following link to easily change your notifications to off/on/other:
Slack Notification Preferences


Communicate With Us

Write to us to know anything about our products or services


[icon class=”fa fa-map-marker”]1710 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32303

[icon class=”fa fa-phone”]24/7 Phone: 888-385-0087

[icon class=”fa fa-envelope”] (New/Prospective Enrollees) or (Current/Returning Students)

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